Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge

Activated carbon fiber filter cartridge is composed of cellulose and activated carbon powder composite deep filtration, combined with the dual function of activated carbon adsorption filter core material structure, the outer layer of the middle column of the filter core is a precise fiber filter material coating lining, supplemented by activated carbon fiber cloth surrounding forming; When the liquid flows through the filter material, the deep fiber filter material structure in the outer layer can block the pollution particles, and the activated carbon in the filter cloth can remove the peculiar smell, odor, sediment, pigment, volatile organic matter (VOC) and organic chemicals in the filtrate. The fiber filter material in the innermost layer can prevent the outflow of carbon particles and fine pollutants, and provide the final quality assurance of filtrate and complete filtration treatment.


l  Filtration of liquid medicine

l  Surface treatment, plating solution filtration

l  Filtration of photographic development agents

l  Removal of oils and aromatics from solution

l  Removal of free chlorine and volatile organic compounds in solution

l  Filtration treatment of drinking water and RO pure water machine

l  Odor, odor, organic pigment removal

l  Removal of organic chemicals from solution

  Product Specifications Filter Media:            Polypropylene

Cap & Core:            Reinforced Polypropylene

O-ring:                 EPDM, Silicone, FKM, PTFE

Length:                10”(254mm)   20”(528mm)

40”(1016mm)  50”(1270mm)


Rate                   1,5,10,20,50,100 micron

Max  Temperature:      82℃

Max Pressure drop:      3.4bar @ 82℃

Replace Pressure Drop:  2.1bar @20℃

Order Information






10=10 inch

001=1 micron


20=20 inch

005=5 micron


30=30 inch

010=10 micron


40=40 inch

020=20 micron


50=50 inch

050=50 micron

60=6 inch

100=100 micron

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