CLANDE ® P Series, with thread bottom

Clande® high flow water filter cartridge can replacement PALL Ultipleat Filter.It is large diameter, single open ended, with outer bandage and with an inside to outside flow pattern. High flow cartridge filters have unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry,combined with its large 152.4 mm (6 inch) diameter and high-quality range of available PP or glass fiber filter media. Fewer filters and smaller housings for high flow rate applications are allowed due to wide range of chemical compatibility, high dirt holding capacity, high flow rate and good filtration efficiency of high flow pleated filters.In a nutshell, high flow pleated cartridge filters could 100% replace Pall high flow filter cartridges.


DESCRIPTION Initial pressure difference: 0.2bar Pressure drop for replacement: 2.4bar Max pressure drop:3.5bar Max temperature: 80℃ Distance of filtering: From inner to outer, without any stand. Precision: 1μm,5μm,10μm,20μm,40μm,70μm,100μm. Filter material: Folding glass fiber, folding PP. Seal material: EPR, NBR, FKM, CR .   APPLICATION  RO cartridge filtration and seawater desalination pretreatment Filtration of condensed water in power plants. Filtration of bulk drug, solvent, and water in biopharmacy industry Filtration of bottled water, liquid glucose, edible oil, juice, soft drink and milk. Painting, petrochemical industry Micro-electronics ,film, fiber, resin   ORDER INFORMATION   

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