CLANDE SF Series Backwash High Flow Filter Cartridge

Description: The 70inch Pleat Backwash Cartridge with its unique manufacturing process, which uses the patent-in-one in support, in support of PP with enhanced treatment, in the power industry deal with the condensation water filtration has been widely applied.  The installation of cartridge: The installation of cartridge take many forms, presented here is one of the most convenient way. The photo shows the top filter is installed. Application: a) Condensate water filtration in Power Plant. b) Pretreatment of RO Cartridge Filter in seawater desalination. c) Raw material solution filtration in Pharmacy Industries. d) Paint, Coating, Petrol chemical Filtration. e) Micro-electrics, fibers, resins, etc. Features: Complete PP structure. Wide chemical application. Available for repeatedly backwashing. Available for outer resin coating before using. Effectively remove solids. Long length 70inch (1778mm) is applied to big flow and high pollution conditions. Easy install without changing housing. Replacing Pall Cartridges.  

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