CLANDE® B Series, Replace Pentair Aqualine water filter element

DESCRIPTION CLANDE® B Series  is made of internal and external support with pleated filter membrane, which can achieve over 99% of the ultra-high filtration efficiency and extend the service life of the filter core. The end cover adopts the axial seal form to  better ensure the product is perpendicular to the link part, making the filter core installation fast and easy to replace. Unique reinforced internal support  framework  design   enables the filter core to withstand higher pressure  difference. Folding design to increase the filter area. Large diameter design, more pollutants received, keep long service life. Low labor cost. APPLICATION
  •        RO cartridge pre-filtration
  •        Boiler feed water of thermal power plant, Condensate Polishing
  •        seawater desalination pretreatment
  •        Advanced treatment of steel plant wastewater
  •        Deep treatment of waste water in paper mill
  •        Deep treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater
  •        Recycled water
  •        Other sites with high filtering flow
SPECIFACATION The initial pressure drop:0.25bar Replace the pressure drop:2.4Bar/71℃ Max pressure drop:3.5Bar/20℃ Max temperature:120℃ Design Flow :50~70m³/h   ORDER INFORMATION  

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