CLANDE® H Series, Replace HARMSCO water filter element

CLANDE® H Series High Flow water filter cartridge is  a washable product, it made by polyurethane and polyester. Using imported polyester filter material, high hydrophobic effect, it can be used again after cleaning. The outer diameter is up to 196mm, and the flod height is over 50mm, realizing the perfect combination of super-large filtration area, large flow, long life and high content.It is equipped with high strength nylon frame, which is not easy to deform, and can bear more pressure difference in direction.The end cover is threaded and the joint is soft to ensure the sealing.



Outer Diameter: 196mm

Initial pressure drop:   0.2bar

Replace the pressure drop    3.4bar/71℃

Max Pressure Drop : 3.5bar/20℃

Max Work Temperature: 120℃


 Power plant filter feed water

Seawater desalination pretreatment

Condensate filtration

Deep filtration of wastewater

Pool water filtration

Reclaimed water filtration



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