How can choose a good melt blown filter cartridge?

PP melt blown filter cartridges are widely used in home and industry. Most of the household water purifiers and RO system are used PP melt blown filter cartridges for the first level filtrating,the first level filtrating will not only affect the water quality but also affect the service life of precision filter behind, so the quality of the PP melt blown filter cartridge is particularly important. Before discussing how to identifying the quality is good or not, let’s find out what is pp melt blown filter cartridge first

 The quality of the PP melt blownfilter cartridge is determined by dense of the fiber, obviously high quality PP melt blown filter cartridge inside fiber is dense and even, but how can we knowwhile it can not be distinguish by our eyes?

First: The weight.
We can weigh it with our hands or balance ,  the heavier the fiber density of the filter element, the better the quality.This is why I manufacturer is according to gram weight to calculate the price of filter element reason, the real manufacturer is not to say how many inches of filter element, how much money to go with the customer like this, but according to the number of materials to charge, such charge is the most reasonable, how much raw material, how much money you charge!

Second: Technology