What adventage of High Flow Filter Cartridge?

Nowadays, the appearance of High flow water filter cartridge solves a lot of problems in water filtration and water treatment. So how can the technology of large flow water filter element be realized?
The factors and principles of large flow water filter element are as follows:
The high flow water filter cartridge is the core filtration unit of the water treatment  system. Horizontal pleating technology is adopted, precision pleating technology is adopted, the ripples are uniform, and the filter medium area is enlarged in the limited space. The design pressure of the large-flow filter element is 80 cubic meters, and the actual confined flow rate depends on the actual working condition.
Clande Filter Tecnnology Co.Ltd. is produce the replacement of some filter cartridge of Pall ,Parker and 3M, with filtering accuracy up to 1um (micron) and filtration efficiency up to 99.5%.
Filtering process and working principle of large flow filter element:
When the liquid to be filtered passes through the large-flow filter element, the water in the inlet pipe enters the filter through the drainage channel and then passes through the support layer from top to bottom, where it is collected by the water distribution system and discharged through the outlet pipe.
After filtration for a period of time, the amount of suspended solids retained in the filtration layer increases, and the porosity of the filtration layer decreases, thus increasing the flow of pore water.
On the one hand, filtration resistance increases; on the other hand, impurities in the hole are washed away by the current, pressure increases, and water quality deteriorates. When the head loss exceeds the allowable value, or when the concentration of suspended matter in the water exceeds the specified value, filtration and backwash filters should be terminated.