What is the benefit of Glass Fiber Wound Filter Cartridge?

What is Glass Fiber wound filter cartridge?
Wound filter cartridge a kind of filter cartridge made of special material through winding. The materials of the yarn are polypropylene, cotton, and glass fiber.


What is the benefit of Glass Fiber wound filter cartridge?
1,Wide chemical comatibility.
2,Long serive life , low cost.
3,Large surface area.
4,High temprature ,Max tempreatrue is about 340℃,(with SS304/316 core)


How choose a good Glass fiber cartridge?
1. Glass fiber to choose long fiber, so that can avoid broken wire fall off.
2, Wound mode should be uniform, no broken yarn, the whole filter element should be clean and clean without impurities .


Our production of wound filter cartridgs are all pruduc with  quality control.  We  has passed 9001:2015  14001 and 45001 certification.  Customers can be assured to buy our products.